Saturday, April 12, 2008

A wee bit more on the Melanie rose

Still playing and experimenting with this most beautiful rose, I yanked the first one out, just wasn't right. Wanted to use my hand dyed ribbon to see what the effect would be like. The variegated ribbon does make a difference but I still need more practise on the rose its self.
Talking of roses, pop on over to Barbara's blog, the address is on the sidebar as she has posted some photoes of the most beautiful antique crazy quilt, along with some close ups of the centre motif, which, you guessed it, is the most lovely ribbon/fabric rose composition.


Amy said...

Your previous post encouraged me to seek out the direction for the Melanie roses and give them a try myself. I have yet to produce anything blog worthy, but thanks for the link.

Barbara said...

Your Melanie roses are beautiful, Judith! I need to get my instructions out and practice making those again.

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I am really behind in my posting and hope to get started again soon. I've been finishing up projects.