Sunday, May 25, 2008

Autumnal garden

This is what my husband had to do yesterday, the cut up trees were damaged and ready to fall, infact one of two already had a lean on them so they had to go. A friend came around with a huge chainsaw and helped David cut these trees down.
The other picture is the view from the bathroom window, a glorious tree in its autumn splendour, the leaves are dropping rapidly now, the trees are battening down the hatches getting ready to go into dormancy and sleep away the winter. I know how they feel, I also am tired, would love to go to bed for a few months and wake up refreshed. Raring to go and face the future. Instead at the moment, no stitching, no inspiration, no motivation, just weariness. On a positive note though, we are off on holiday real soon. A lovely family holiday with my boys to visit my Dad and sister in Adelaide Australia. It is my Dad's 80th birthday, and we are going there for a couple of weeks, it will be lovely, nothing nicer than being with family.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sshh' don't tell Ebony or Doreen, these are the two ATC's that I am swapping with them. The one on the left is for Doreen, a mixed media background, little bits of cut up fabrics, angelina fibres then painted fusible web was ironed over that and finally a sheer organza over that. It looked like a celestial type landscape so I stitched a little over that. Ebonies is a felt background with various fibres needlefelted on that then organza again. Just a little plug for SharonB
It is a stitchin community that she has started up. Pop on over and check for yourself.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

First ever ATC

I know I am somewhat behind the 8 ball on these delightful pieces of art work but Doreen of Creative Meanderings Granddaughter Ebony is exchanging cards and I really want to play. I have received one from her and several from Doreen, I will post pictures later of them. Doreen gave me a tutorial and sent me samples, and voila here it numbero uno.
It is made from a piece of felt fused with little bits of glitzy fabric and angelina, then painted fusable web was ironed on to that, finally a piece of organza was fused to that. Cut to shape and a little hand stitching added.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Little finishes

I decided to get these little embroideries finished and framed up. I learnt an other valuable lesson, well two really and they are both lessons that I know already.
1) Don't use little scraps of fabric when doing embroideries, because you can't frame them properly.
I know this but persist in trying to save fabric. Then you are stilted in what you can do with them.
2) Take your embroideries out of the frame when you put it away for the night. Yet again, I know this, but did I do it, No!!!