Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am getting addicted to dying these ribbons. They stitch up so beautifully. I have twice tried to take some photoes of the sr embroideries that I have been working on but to no avail. Shall ask DH if he can try and take some for me.
The ribbons are not quite what I am wanting. Have been trying to get varigated in a single colour. Never mind, I still like them.

Thanks so much too for stopping by and leaving me comments. I do appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here are my handsome men. This was taken at Cameron's (on the right)
photographic exhibition for his university Diploma, his photos are behind them. Dh is in the middle and our eldest son Andrew on the left. He is holding Callum bear. Our youngest son Callum is in Heaven so we always have the little bear at family things. Just so he is always with us.
This was taken at the end of June in Wellington at the Fine arts gallery.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dyed some more ribbon at the weekend, quite pleased with the results. I tell you what though, it is very addictive and I would love to have lots more colours to try. Especially to get variegations of the one colour. That is what I was trying to do with the pink but it was all so much of a muchness that I dipped it all in the end. Never mind, its still lovely. I also had to do it in a hurry as we were expecting a friend for tea, which meant it all had to be put away and cleaned up before she got here.
Back to the "Nice matters awards" I think everyone I know has already been awarded so best I leave it there.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is the award, Pat told me to put it on my blog.
Pop over here http://bella-enchanted.blogspot.com/ to read all about it. Such a lovely idea. There are so many lovely people behind the blogs who deserve more than a mention. It will be hard to pick.
But my bed is a calling me, will do it tomorrow.
These are dyed using ribbonsmyth silk dyes. The oranges ones are overdyed. A yellow and the apricot that I used in the precious SRE, using a technique in Vickie's book using a fan brush. I really liked the results. Also splattered the dye over the ribbon as well. The green is overdyed also using the same techniques. The gorgeous puple on the top in undyed ribbon that was used to mop up the leftovers. A happy accident indeed, and I bet I will never be able to do it again

These are undyed ribbon that were space dyed and really quite yummy.
The last picture is just more of the same of the overdyed ribbon.
One of my alltime favourite mediums is silk ribbon. The first time I saw a SRE was in a craft shop, it was a sampler on black velvet, I had never seen anything so beautiful . It was love at first sight. Needless to say, SRE has been a joy to me since then, even when I am not doing any embroidery.
I wanted to do something for a friend who is a keen gardener.
I had also purchased some transfer pens and tried them on this to transfer the design. It didn't work to well and the technique needs a little refining, but at least it got me started doing something again. These are ribbons I have had for years but I always feel like something is missing and realised what it needed was varigated or overdyed ribbon. So that was my next project.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Well, I am stunned!!!!! My Dear Friend Pat Winter has nominated me for a "Nice Matters Awards" As anyone can see I haven't posted since February as I have been studying for a Diploma in Library Studies. The reading and assignments are taking me longer than I had at first thought, not leaving me much time for stitching. Infact until the break, I had not stitched at all. Hence no posting. Then it went for for so long that I wasn't sure whether to get back into blogging. BUT I have been doing a little stitching and playing with bits and pieces, so maybe it is time to get back into blogging. Having said all that, my next assisgnment is due on 21st and I am really struggling with it.. But the weekend is once again upon me and several hours of typing is beckoning me.
Pat, thanks so much for your kindness yet again. You have always been such an encouraging friend to me, through good times and especially the bad times.
The photograph is a picture a piece of fabric made with my embellisher. I bought a bag kit from www.TryOurDesigns.com It is small squares of dupion silk, embellished on black fabric with various other fibres added. Then, I added some stitching for more durability.
Surrounded it all with an embellished cord, courtesy of http://www.fibreandstitch.com/freebies.htm, I also did some stitching with thread and ribbon over the cord, again for strength.