Saturday, March 18, 2006

Close up of centre of the block. I am really enjoying this, and starting to get the feel for the encrusted look. Still lots to do on this. BUT!!!! I need to get outside of the square so to speak, out of my comfort zone. What am I trying to say.? Stretch.... I have to try things that scare me. Sharon suggested we do samplers and I think this is agreat idea and need to start one. Especially with stitches I don't normally do. I am really pleased that I signed up for the class as I was never quite happy with my CQ and didn't know why, but now I am starting to see, yeah!

Progress on my block for Sharon's class

More RR work, this is an other friend's block. Lita's block is stunning, gorgeous rich colours. I did the seam with the sequins and rice pearls and the one below with the ribbon ruffles.

I love ribbon ruffles, I get them from Vickie at her prices have got to be the best and the colours are to die for. They make lovely rolled roses, especialy with the dark edge, yum.

This is my work on a friends RR block
Sandra Sews.url I love cameos even if they only resin. I also did the 3 seams to the right. Now why is it that I have no trouble (usually) deciding what to do on and RR block. BUT, when I get to my own blocks!!!!! I get stumped.
My block for SharonB class, sat and sat, I didn't know where to start, till I took Sharon's advise and simply started?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Last one.

This has to be one of my favourites as I love daisies. This is also someone elses design.

Next one, I cannot take any credit for these as they are all designs taken from books. These two are from Joan Gordons book "The Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible"

These little pictures are thank you gifts for some of our friends for their help to us last November. Callum was called Pink by his friends, so these are all pink and his name Callum, which is Gaelic, means Dove, hence the little doves in the pictures. I really enjoyed making these. I have never been much of a pink fan, I think I mentioned that already. I think it stems from having red/auburn hair, my Mother never let me wear pink in any form. I am loving the colour now.