Monday, January 28, 2008

Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comments. It is heart warming to receive them.
I won't tell you how old this UFO is, suffice it to say that it is a few years. Infact, I had left it so long that I could no longer find tiny bits of materials to make the three points at the top of the stocking. Especially the red.I could find the others. Eventually I found an other pieced block that had a sliver of the red which I was able to cut up to get a little to use. Unfortunately I had to make the points smaller just to get enough. Needless to say, I think I have learnt a lesson - Finish projects or at least keep all your supplies together.
This was a Ribbonsmyth embellishment kit and I am really pleased with the finished result. At the top of the stocking you might be able to see two of Terry's glass icicles. I love Terry's creations and these two beauties came with the kit. I can now put it away for Christmas.
I love getting things finished, such a sense of achievement. Only thing now is that I have every single scrap of fabric that I own all over the floor, large and small. That will have to wait until tomorrow now, it is bedtime

Sunday, January 27, 2008

UFO sre finished.
This started out as me practising flowers, esp the dahlias and peonies using my hand dyed ribbons. There is such a sense of satisfaction in getting things finished and I must admit to be pleased with this little bouquet. The vase is made from angelina fibe stamped with a Ribbonsmyth vase stamp. I like the dahlias, just a little different and the peonies of course. I cannot confess to them being original as I did see something similar in one of my sre books. The hand dyed ribbon does give it some life. I tried to dye variegated ribbon as in the way it used to be done early last century. With strips of colour running the whole length of the ribbon. The ribbons when dyed don't look very good and I didn't think I would ever use them but I have done a few leaves with that ribbon and love the effect.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hospital block.
A few of us cyber friends participate in making a block for a healing quilt. Barbara of . and Vickie of are the organiser of the quilt. Barbara has blogged about it on her blog, (obviously, duh). This year we are using the colours of lemon/yellow, peach, ecru, green and lilac with a butterflies and spring flowers theme. This block is not pieced as yet. I wanted curves, after reading the last issues of cqmagonline with J Marsha Michler articles on hand piecing and curves I knew I really wanted to do one. I have done curves before on a block of the month that was designed by Vickie of ribbonsmyth. I really liked the curves but also the way the stitching looked. I can't explain what it is but it appeals greatly to me. The colours are a bit dull and nondescript in this photo, they are actually quite nice in real life. Allie and Jules are also blogging about their blocks, see my side bar

Sunday, January 13, 2008

CQ Bag, this was done a little differently for me. I bought a pattern which told me to use 6 fancy fabrics and cut the pattern from those fabrics stacked 1 on top of the other. There were 2 patterns, so you had to cut 1 pattern from 4 of the fabrics and two from the other 2. Pattern 1 had four patches and pattern 2 had 3 patches. The front and back of the bag has two full patterns and 2
half patterns. I also decided to sew them together before embellishing. That is also something new for me.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Dear Friend Candice was married yesterday. We spent a delightful day celebrating God's gifts of our children and then letting them go onto their future with their spouses. During the ceremony the two Mothers each had a lit candle then they both lit an other candle and blew their candle out. It was very special to see that single candle glowing as a symbol of their hearts and bodies becoming one.
This is a picture of the Mother of the bride on the right who is my Dear Friend Glenda, and me

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Roses, what is it about the rose? it must be the queen of flowers! They are such a thing of beauty, smell divinely, look amazing. Talking of roses, two of my most favourite people have recently started blogging.
Jules of
And Barbara of
You need to pop on over and introduce yourself and get acquainted with them.