Thursday, September 20, 2007

An other piece of lutrador and lace. I think I prefer the texture of the cheescloth on the lutrador, not too sure about the lace. Anyhow, I wanted a quick cover for a A5 journal and this worked quite well. Exactly the right size. There are lots of layers of paint, painted the back first with black paint, then layered lots of colours on the front. I also added an old heart crossstitch that was tattered and torn and a needlepunched motif to the front. Now seeing the photos's I prefer the back, which means, I can just change the cover around, easy peacey.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spring has sprung in New Zealand.

Busy working on an assignment and trying to take 15 min breaks by doing work either outside or in. It has been up to 15c here today and I managed to get a little while in the garden to weed. I found these delights while there, pansies are one of my favourite flowers. They don't do to well in my garden, as we have a high rainfall and tend to get blackspot. Must try and do something about it this year, as I have almost given up growing them.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Used Deka silk dyes for this ribbon but I don't like the finish. Somehow this dye has changed the feel of the ribbon, there is a stiffness. Can anyone explain this to me? What do others use for dyeing? I would really love to hear.
And while I am here, thank you so stopping by and leaving comments. It is very encouraging.

Blue block, I wanted the words to stand out so kept everything else simple.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I finally got around to making a coffee cuff for myself seeing that I am such a coffee lover and always have a latte at lunchtime at work. I was really looking forward to buying my coffee and slipping it into the cuff, when guess what!!!! My favourite coffee shop have changed the size of their takeaway cups and it didn't fit into my cuff. I was gutted, so took it home again to throw it on the pile in disgust. Never mind, there will be a takeaway shop somewhere with the right size cups. This one is a cloth paper concoction, alah Beryl Taylor. It is my own paper made with red hot pokers.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The first issue of the new emagazine is out, it is called "Fibre and Stitch" If you haven't subscribed you may want to have a look at their website for yourself.
Sue B has issued a challenge to everyone via their new yahoo group to make something based on one of their articles. And yes you guessed it. Lutrador and lace. Using cheescloth lace, lutrador and paints. This is my first try and I loved playing.
You lightly freemotion sew your bits just to attach them them start painting. The back first and several layers of different paint on the front. I have used purple lumiere, cream, interference in two colours, gold and a couple of others. It is quite stiff so I am not sure how it will be for sewing.
I want to play more but I have to go and study now. One of the lovely things about lutrador is that the light shines through, yummy.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Last one for now. Been experimenting with different flowers and the variegated ribbon. I particularly like the chrysanthemums. This is a work in progress.
Rissa, thanks for visiting, great to hear from you.
Sambob, love it that you stop by and I love your comments too.

A couple more, in this first one I lightly pained the background.
The variegated ribbon really adds some depth which I really like

Some more. Why is it that when you look at a photo you can see what is right and what is not so right with your composition.? I can look at an embroidery for ages and not see things about it. As soon as I looked at these photoes, I could see things that are not quite right. Like the organdy ribbon, the pink flowers, bottom right?
Also the blue ribbons in these photoes are actually purple. Someone told me there is a way to correct it but it is complicated!!!

SRE one with dyed ribbons.
I think you have to pick the flowers that you used the variegated ribbons with, the daisies need to have more of a solid colour, or else ribbons with a slight variegation. Not sure if you can see but on the sre on the left the little lavender daisies? I painted some dye on them to try for some depth.
I like the tall spikey flowers being varigated. Just realised that I have forgotten to finish the left one off - no greenery yet, Duh!!!!