Sunday, September 09, 2007

Used Deka silk dyes for this ribbon but I don't like the finish. Somehow this dye has changed the feel of the ribbon, there is a stiffness. Can anyone explain this to me? What do others use for dyeing? I would really love to hear.
And while I am here, thank you so stopping by and leaving comments. It is very encouraging.


Jocelyn said...

Hi Judith - I use Ozecraft dyes which I get from Peg in Taupo - .
Be careful though, because their prices are in USD and AUD which is totally strange for an NZ website!!! But I do like the dyes.

Clare said...

The Deka Silk dyes are not really dyes. They are a type of fabric paint and leave the fabric thicker. You would have to use a dye if you wanted to keep 'the hand' of the fabric the same. procion dyes or acid dyes work on silk.