Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finished ? nearly, maybe, not sure.

I started this a little while ago, wanted to have a go with the Melanie rose which I have mentioned before. It is a beautiful rose created by Marie Alton which she named after her daughter. I still need more practise but it is a delightful rendition of a full blown rose. Not sure whether I like the stems at this stage.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Long time no Blog

Been missing in action for a while, no stitching to speak off but we have recently gotten back from a lovely family holiday in Adelaide Australia, but this is the view from my window this morning. Twas snowing most of yesterday and through the night. It had stopped but has just started up again as I was loading these photoes.
You can see the snow on the power lines which is always a course for worry. My husband who is a computer guy has just had to get into town to help those who's systems are down, and as it is the start of the school holidays as well as the start of the ski season and we live in the very centre of the North Islands ski area, well ..... all said.