Wednesday, November 23, 2005

1st July 1989 to 14th November 2005

My handsome baby, sweet 16.
My precious son was killed last week. He took my car out for a joyride and was killed instantly.
One of his friends started calling him "Pink" instead of Green our surname and it stuck with him. There were only 40 children left in school the afternoon of his funeral all the others were there including over 400 people. He was well liked. We as parents are finding out more about our son daily as people share with us who Callum was. He was a mischevious kid, he had that streak of naughtiness BUT he was so wonderful. He never hesitated to through his arms around his little Mum, he was over 6 feet where I am 5'2. He cuddled and kissed us frequently and we never tired of saying how much we love each other. All the kids and lots of the adults wore pink ribbons around their wrists in their hair around their necks, tied to shoes, hanging out of pockets, it was so heartwarming to us. There is so much I want to say and I know it is for me only that I write but it is part of the healing process.
Our hearts are broken and they won't ever be the same again, for me my husband David and our other two boys Andrew 20 and Cameron 18. But we have that deep assurance that strange peace in our hearts because he was a christian as we are and we know he is in Heaven. I could not go on otherwise, the pain would tear me apart.
He was a charming beautiful young man, I loved just looking at his face as I did constantly with him and his brothers, just soaking them in, loving them, knowing them, holding them close. He did get annoyed with me and let me know as only a child can. One of the last times I was gazing at his face and looking at his emerging whiskers he let me know just how fed up he did get with me. But that is OK, I would get annoyed with him at times too.
We still have family with us and will till the end of this week, then we will be on our own and the lonliness of his loss will hit even more. It is going tobe very hard. Cameron our 18 year old is leaving to go to Universiry early next year and we will be completely on our own as our oldest son Andrew is already flatting and he hopes to return to Melbourne Australia early in the new year. We will have big adjusting to do. My preious son, I love you so much and misss you so much and I am so angry at you for taking my car but my Dearest one I love you and treasure you so much in my heart, Your ever loving Mum

Monday, November 07, 2005

RR work.
This is my work on and RR block for a friend. I dyed the ribbon ruffles, rouched it and then added beads . I really enjoy doing RR's, makes me have to work, and that is a good thing. I am enjoying blogging, also gives me something to work towards.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A good friend made me a slide glass pendant, see the link below and ever since I have wanted to make one too. An other friend Rissa sent me some microscope glass slides. Finally got my act together and made one. They are fun to do but take a bit of finess in the assembly. Want to try again, the soldering was a bit fiddly.

Progress on Cafe Au Lace, just doing a little here and there. I am enjoying stitching on this block. A comment I recieved from a friend upon viewing some Cq was "it is so feminine" I guess that is partly why I love it so.

I equate femininity with grace beauty, olde worlde things like lace, ribbons, flowers things that tend not to be fashionable. I know flowers are never out of fashion but I think you get the gist. As I get older I realise how much I love pretty things, just an old fashioned gal....

Birthday Present for my sister.

this is a small bag that I have made for my sister. It is my first try and there are several design flaws. It won't stand up to much wear but I think she will like it.

I went to a chalk pastels class yesterday. While I enjoyed the class as it was hands on, I was dissatisfied with my work. BUT it was a learning experience. It was a landscape with a wonderful tree in the foreground. My drawing seemed to be a series of just marks, if you can understand me, they are marks instead of shading or a cohesive whole. It is interesting as my husband mentioned something to me about a small cq pendant I was making, that it had no depth. I will post a picture later. At the same time I am enjoying Sharon"s blog on cq and believe that I will get it together.

So what am I trying to say. ..... I am encouraged, it seems the way I learn is to make mistakes. So I am taking heart at my learning....