Sunday, November 06, 2005

Birthday Present for my sister.

this is a small bag that I have made for my sister. It is my first try and there are several design flaws. It won't stand up to much wear but I think she will like it.

I went to a chalk pastels class yesterday. While I enjoyed the class as it was hands on, I was dissatisfied with my work. BUT it was a learning experience. It was a landscape with a wonderful tree in the foreground. My drawing seemed to be a series of just marks, if you can understand me, they are marks instead of shading or a cohesive whole. It is interesting as my husband mentioned something to me about a small cq pendant I was making, that it had no depth. I will post a picture later. At the same time I am enjoying Sharon"s blog on cq and believe that I will get it together.

So what am I trying to say. ..... I am encouraged, it seems the way I learn is to make mistakes. So I am taking heart at my learning....

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Judy Morphis said...

Your sister will love the purse. It is lovely.