Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We are running a summer holiday reading program at the library called with the theme of don't monkey around with african animals etc. I don't have a monkey stamp but did manage to pick up some wooden stamps from "trade aid" here in New Zealand and really wanted to make the kids something with them. I was thinking of a bookmark or a badge of some sort so needed to play around to come up with something. I am a magpie at heart and love all that glitters so wanted to use the angelina. Now I just need to come up with something for them.

On an other note I haven't done any stitching for weeks, and am starting to have withdrawal. Still I am the only one who can fix that.

I have been playing with Angelina fibres. In fact I have played a few times but not with much success. Vickie over at told me to use stamping ink with the stamps and now look at the results. Also when using angelina you need a low heat on your iron or it takes the colour out of them so I guess I have always been to gentle while using them. This time I pressed really hard and used a metallic stamp pad, only had pink, so they are all pink but I love it. Whereas before I had tried the rubber stamps with no success what so ever and even the wooden stamps didn't work too well for me, but this time I got it. Fantastic

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thinking of 2007.
If you are reviewing this year and starting to think of next year take a look at
Sharon's challenge starts on the 2nd January and it is going to be good. Nip over and have a look, then COMMITT yourself.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bath bombs, I love soaking in a long hot bath especially with some nice smelly bits in it. I am making these for little gifts for Christmas.

Got a bit carried away with the colour in the round one, but at least I am recording all in the journal so hopefully won't make the same mistake next time.

These are lip balms that I have been experimenting with. The base is bees wax or macadamia wax, with shea butter and a few other things. This is my third try, first time they were rock hard. 2nd time, still way too hard, this time, about right. As I am getting older and my skin is drying out I am needing all this extra moisture. I have been making my own moisturiser for 6 odd years, but this is a first for me. They don't look much like anything in this photo, but they are Latte flavoured with cappucino mica balm and caramel flavoured with chocolate coloured mica. Given one to a friend to try out, need constructive critisism, but then maybe a friend is not the right person for that job!!!!! Nah, I think she will be honest.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Beaded Christmas Tree
Well, the fun is over for the day, time to get on with getting the washing in and doing the ironing etc etc. This little tree was fun to do. Also got this in a kit.
As I was beading this afternoon I realised an other creativity stopper for me anyway, is a mess. When I am working I make a dreadful mess, there are always so many things to get out and look at to see if it is the right thing for the piece. So I am going to do a Pat W
and tidy up when I finish for the day, or the job.

I picked up these little kits from my friend yesterday at the craft fair and have been making them, really easy to make and fairly quick too. I adore christmassy beaded ornaments

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I have had an other day organising my work space as I want to have pens, papers, crayons, paint, anything that can make a mark ready for keeping a visual journal.


has been sharing on creativity and yesterday on visual journals, I think we all see the need for these to capture our ideas. I for one never think I have any ideas but that is because they come and I promptly forget them, if I was using a journal that would not happen. It is very interesting as I keep going back to what Sharon has been saying and mulling it over in my mind.
I think I have no ideas, therefore I am not creative but reading this post and some of the others I am starting to see that my thoughts are not entirely right. Sharon and others are talking about the process and that process involves discipline. What is discipline really!!!! It is exercise, exercising our creative muscles. What is journalling, nothing but exercising those muscles again.
What is the process? What are the things that hinders me?
Needing to get it right first time is a biggie!!
Not letting myself play and explore, or even letting myself play a bit and then hating what I have done and being very critical of it, instead of enjoying and learning the process. Why do I not like it. Is it because I think others won't like it or think it childish.?
Who cares, no-one but me.
Which brings me back to the topic, Visual journals and why I never stick with one. Am I trying to do things that others will approve of, instead of letting myself go and learn?
Somehow, I think that is a key!!!!. But is this my journey or someones elses? Its mine and the journals are not for anyone else to see. Its about my learning process and catching those ideas that are there.