Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I have been playing with Angelina fibres. In fact I have played a few times but not with much success. Vickie over at told me to use stamping ink with the stamps and now look at the results. Also when using angelina you need a low heat on your iron or it takes the colour out of them so I guess I have always been to gentle while using them. This time I pressed really hard and used a metallic stamp pad, only had pink, so they are all pink but I love it. Whereas before I had tried the rubber stamps with no success what so ever and even the wooden stamps didn't work too well for me, but this time I got it. Fantastic

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pat winter said...

Beautiful results. Love the fan. You could cut out those cute animal shapes from your angelina and paste them onto pretty cardstock or stiffened fabric for a bookmark. Just an idea although not too great. Love to see you creating.