Thursday, December 07, 2006

These are lip balms that I have been experimenting with. The base is bees wax or macadamia wax, with shea butter and a few other things. This is my third try, first time they were rock hard. 2nd time, still way too hard, this time, about right. As I am getting older and my skin is drying out I am needing all this extra moisture. I have been making my own moisturiser for 6 odd years, but this is a first for me. They don't look much like anything in this photo, but they are Latte flavoured with cappucino mica balm and caramel flavoured with chocolate coloured mica. Given one to a friend to try out, need constructive critisism, but then maybe a friend is not the right person for that job!!!!! Nah, I think she will be honest.

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