Saturday, August 11, 2007

One of my alltime favourite mediums is silk ribbon. The first time I saw a SRE was in a craft shop, it was a sampler on black velvet, I had never seen anything so beautiful . It was love at first sight. Needless to say, SRE has been a joy to me since then, even when I am not doing any embroidery.
I wanted to do something for a friend who is a keen gardener.
I had also purchased some transfer pens and tried them on this to transfer the design. It didn't work to well and the technique needs a little refining, but at least it got me started doing something again. These are ribbons I have had for years but I always feel like something is missing and realised what it needed was varigated or overdyed ribbon. So that was my next project.


Rissa said...

Lovely work and it is good to see you posting again!

Samzbob 2007 said...

I find with purples and that it all kinda seems a little "not alot happening" but with the yellow coming through it seems to lift it all up and make it feel quite alive and such if you get what i mean! I like this one, The way the colours go together looks quite good too, not really a result illd expect from a peachy, purpley blue arrangment of coulours with a in there!

Hope all the family and that are well, hopefully come aorund next time im up, last weekend was kinda impromptu but you guys was in Wellington anyways, been stuck at home all week with the flu!

Have a good one