Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Camera has died and sources of inspiration

I have really been inspired by Pam of
She is making 6inch button blocks, she was in turn inspired by Sharon's of http://sharonb.wordpress.com/
Sharon made a huge or what looks like a huge 6inch button block, she has photoes on her website.
I have been asking Pamela questions, she makes the blocks 8 inches giving her lots of room for trimming etc. If your stop by her blog you can see why I am so inspired. Of course her stitching is to die for.
So I have decided to make up some and spent a couple of hours last night making up 8 inch blocks. Have about 10 so far and would love to show a photo but as the camera is not working, so I can't. I have a drawer full of small pieces of fabric, it was once in colourways but alas is just a mess at the moment. So, I am grabbing bits of similar colours and making the blocks that way. Then, once I have a pile I want to mark them up with the six inch size to keep me on track. Once we get an other camera I will post photoes but I am not too sure when that is going to be.

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