Friday, April 18, 2008

Last one.

With this one, decided that I didn't want to sew on the overlay. As I was gluing the leaves for a little added security, I thought I would glue the black stuff on as well. (can't for the life of me find the word that it is called, sometimes menopause is a nuisance, I know what it is called, just cannot access my brain or my my brain won't let the word come forth, keep thinking nylon scarf but that is not right)
Anyway, back to glue, it was a fabric glue and it SAID dries clear. Not true as you can clearly see two white splodges of glue, duh!!!!! Oh well, will have to cover them with something.
These little quilts all had leaves that were collected three autumns ago. Time to collect some more. I pressed all but the ginkgo leaves and of course that is the one that is brittle.The pressed ones also retained some of their autumnal colours. Can you tell I like the word "autumnal" It always reminds me of Mr Tumnus of the Lion the witch and the wardrobe, of the Narnia series. Bit of a stretch of the imagination, just a similiar pronunciation I guess.

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Jennifer said...

These really are beautiful. I don't see any glue!