Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thank you.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and commiserating with me. I have wimped out yet again and not phoned the dentist as the pain was not as bad yesterday. Bad girl!!!! It is sore this morning so I need to pluck up the courage and call.... Who are you going to call - not ghost busters but dentist busters! The ideal for me, drugs drugs and more drugs. Time was I could go to the dentist quite happily, something has happened along the way, or rather the wimp factor has taken me over. My dentist is a very nice and caring person who makes it all very easy for me, but I have such a mind set - dentist - open mouth = pain!!!!!! Yucketty yuck. Just wish it was the weekend then it would be all over and my tooth would be fixed. You know my son had three fillings and didn't even have an injection, can you believe that? Give me injections, give me sedatives, hit me on the head anything to get it over with. Enough already...

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Doris said...

is good find a caring an nice dentist, i never find one like yours, i had bad memories (ugh!)

i hope you feel well soon