Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our weekend.

This is what we did this weekend, had a flying visit to Wellington to watch our son in the Barista competitions.
He manages one of the 10 or so Mojo's cafes. All the competitors had to make 12 coffees, 4 short blacks, 4 cappuchino's and 4 of their own signature coffees. Cameron presented his in old fashioned cocktails glasses, infact his whole theme was the 1920's. He had vanilla infused cream a chocolate tea and a marmalade syrup that he made himself. It was delicious. He came in the top 10, while the other three Mojo's staff took out the 1st, 3rd and4th places.Way to go Cameron and Mojo's

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downunderdale said...

looks like Mojos for my next trip to NZ in July - cheers