Sunday, April 13, 2008

Autumnal quiltlets.

I purchased Jane Davila & Elin Waterston's "Art quilt workbook" late last year. It is a wonderful book if you want to get started on the art quilt journey.
I had no idea where to start so thought I would give the insert strip piecing a go. Knew I wanted to use my dried leaves and the only way I could think to use them was under tuille as they are very brittle.
Also wanted to use some of the moulds I blogged about last weekend..
Used my favourite Loni Rossi fabrics, stamping a couple with leaf stamps, do you think I have a thing for leaves per chance???
Tried a little machine stitching and overall I am pleased with the finished products. These and an other one have taken me all day so once I have had dinner I need to get something done around here as it is back to work tomorrow.

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susajo said...

Love these blocks.
They are just beautiful!