Monday, March 30, 2009

Having problems trying to post yet again. Sometimes its so easy and at other times it is a pain in the proverbial......
We live rurally which means no broadband, we have satellite internet which is slower than broadband and seems to have a lot of downtimes which makes it very frustrating to use. Anyways, enough moaning.
I recently started a course with Gail of Mind wide open, it is Digital Collage and I absolutely love it. It is so addictive and I have been spending every available moment on the computer. Gail is a great teacher, making it easy for us, especially so for someone who knows absolutely nothing about photoshop and I mean absolutely nothing and whats more I find it very difficult to get around, but here we are. We all have to start somewhere.
The class is a series of vidoes that you download to your computer and so you watch Gail construct the collages. I can't wait to get home from work to get on the computer and play. Oh dear, yet another reason to not do housework.
I can't seem to post the link to Gail's classes and I can't seem to copy and paste, duh!!!

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