Saturday, March 01, 2008

Little more progress.

The top photo is actually the front of a small handbag that was a present from my friend. I love the flowers and leaves and wanted to try it on the journal cover as it is for the same friend.
You can see my representation on the block. It was so easy to do. At the left of the sequin flowers is where the spine of the journal will be that's why it doesn't look quite right.
As usual though the colours are not true at all, they are in reality a lovely light perewinkle/lavender/ purply colour. Nothing I can do about it though, think that may be beyond me.
I think I will take some photoes later today for a little tutorial if anyone is interested.
Talking of tutorial, pop on over to Barbara's blog, the address is in my sidebar as she has blogged some tutorial on different ribbon roses and my favourite seam treatment of all time which I hasten to add have snaffled and used on all my blocks of recent times. They are made with the little drop beads aka grapes. You can see them on this block but do go and see Barbara's she is the Queen of these and the Empress of Ribbon roses, just check her sidebar. You will drool over the roses there.

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Doris said...

beautiful all!
and thank you for the link to Barbara tutorial,they are great :D