Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Finshed, finito, complete, over.

It is finished, what a neat feeling and a few days to spare. I am normally the sort that sees all the things wrong with my own work. For once, I am really happy with this and I am sure my friend will like it.
The first picture is the inside so that it can be slipped over a new journal when necessary. It is a muted green dupion silk, not that you can tell from the photo. The back of course and the front. I have lots of little special things on this block that are meaningful to my friend. Her initial on the top right corner. The hope and anchor charm as we are studying Hebrews at the moment and we both love Hebrews 6. The butterflies to symbolise transformation, little hearts, a pink tear and a few other things.
Can you see the lovely little pink and purple swarovski butterflies. They are delightful in real life and I wish they showed up in photoes.
Mustn't forget the cup to symbolise our endless cups of coffee.


Doreen G said...

Judith this has to be the most beautiful piece of CQ work that I have seen.
So much of the work has special meanings to you and your friend and I am sure she will be over the moon when she receives it.

Kathy R said...

Judith your block is beautiful. How nice to add those special items on your block that connect the two of you as well as your relationship with God.

Doris said...

is a beautiful CQ, i love it.

Judy Morphis said...

Beautiful Judith. You are such a talented cq and sre artist!

Jules said...

Just beautiful. I love the look the painted edge ribbon gives your flowers!
Love what you have done with your blog backgrounds, etc. Woohoo, looking good!

Barbara said...

Judith, your journal cover is just gorgeous. This is such a special gift because it's created and given from the heart.

I also love the new look on your blog. Congratulations on such a beautiful layout.


Sharon said...

Judith your work is just beautiful. I also like how you have added things that are important to both you and the receiver. I also like the edging on your ribbon it gives it a beautiful look.