Friday, March 21, 2008

No stitching for me at the moment so I thought you might like to see what my DH does. He builds and flies radio controlled models. He used to have his private pilots license way back when we were young. Now he really loves to do this. Well, he has done this since he was a little boy, when his Daddy taught him as he was making his planes. Of course there was a big break while we had our children.
He had a whoopsie with one of his planes two weeks ago, the tail fell off while he was flying. Not a good look, you can imagine the result ?. Got to be expected of course.
I have my niece Dawn and middle son Cameron yeah! coming for the Easter weekend and probably my Uncle from Australia. Oh! and we have just stacked the wood for the winter and that might be the end of me for the weekend, as I am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still got the garden to do yet and its not enough lunchtime.
Hope you all get to stitch or do the things that you want to get done.

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Doris said...

is a beautiful plane...
have a nice weekend :D