Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Edged dyed ribbon.

A little motif in the journal cover, using the edged dyed ribbon. Fargo roses are tucked in amongst the lavender daisies.. I love the effect, adds a little something, don't you think? that's if you can see them.

I really appreciate you leaving me your thoughts on CQ too, thanks.


Doreen G said...

Your silk ribbon motif is beautiful Judith and the added beads etc finish it off perfectly.

Jon and Wendy said...

Oh Wow! Really beautiful! I love it so much.

Jules said...

Judith - your stitching is just breathtaking! Thanks for all your sweet encouraging comments on my blog - they mean the world to me:-)
BTW - the coffee is on the way. I put a few extra little trappings in the box and can't wait to see what you might do with them. Don't you dare send ANYTHING my way :-) I am trying to organize! Hope you enjoy!

Dawneez said...

hey Aunty Judith!

Howsit going? I heard from Samz u had a here i am after stalking it out on the net haha :)
Whats ur email addy? Then I can email u..
By the way this is my favourite of all u have posted...
Love u TONS
P.s: how do u make a background on this blog?