Friday, February 08, 2008

A couple more ufo's.

It is such a good feeling knowing that you have accomplished something. Despite some design problems while assembling they turned out ok. I just have a little hand stitching to finish off.
As usual I have learnt a lot in the process of finishing these blocks, as always though, it is learning from my mistakes.
In future, I am going to think a lot more about a block of whatever before starting. In future I think I will decide and design the project before I start. I can hear you saying, well duh!!! isn't that what you should do? Needless to say I don't always plan ahead. Good lesson to learn and I am glad to learn these things.
As they say, it is never to late to learn. Thank goodness we do keep on learning, such fun!!!

1 comment:

Samzbob 2007 said...

I really like that blue one at the top, in fact i really really like it, just the colours and what not appeal to me, i love my blue!

The little pink bit goes well with it all too :)