Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little more progress

I have a huge growing appreciation for my fellow CQ's and embroiderists. Just a few hours work and nothing to much to show for it. I don't mean I am not happy with the stitching and progress, only that it takes so much time. I am not complaining just stating a fact. Time is so precious when you work fulltime. Or rather, I should say, it is always so precious.
I am curious to know how others create a block. Do you stitch seams first or embellish patches first or a combination? Can you see it in your head or somewhere before you stitch? Do you plan what you want to do meaning do you envisage what you want the end product to look like? Or do you do it as you go?
Would love some feedback and while I am here, I must say it has been lovely to hear from so many of you.


Doreen G said...

Judith --I usually do all the seams first by either stitching or using ribbon or lace etc.
Then I do the embellishing with motifs-buttons etc.
Lastly I add the beads and charms.
This was how I was shown and I find it works for me.
I love the way you block is growing.

LovetoStitch99 said...


When I tried to do some CQ in the past, it took me forever just to figure out what stitch I was going to do and I had no idea where I was going with the project. It was hard work, for me :-(

It would have been nice to have an overall idea of the final product. It sure would have made my life simpler.

What you have done on it so far looks wonderful.

Pierrette =^..^=

Karen said...

I just pick up my piece and start stitching the seams. I don't usually have any plan. LOL ... what ever strikes me at the time.

These are great questions and I too am amazed how some people sit down and it seams like they have a finished block in no time at all. Not me! It seems to take forever!

chiffondolly said...

I start out with a theme and colour combo in mind, but once I start putting it together it takes on a life of it's own. I do the seams, then lace and trims, then beading. Your piece is coming together beautifully.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Judith, I always start by pulling the fabrics I think I will want to use, and deciding my block size...then I cut out my foundation fabric.
Then...well...intuition takes over! Sometimes planning ahead could save me some grief, but for me personally that takes the fun out of it. I like to make decisions as I go along.

Once the block is pieced, I will generally go from one finished seam to another (including ribbon and beadwork). But Martha Green says to cover all the seams on the first round with the first element of the seam treatment, and then go back and fill in...that way you don't have to figure out the entire seam all at once. Whatever works!

I generally do not do motifs...and that is a weakness of mine..

I think your block is just gorgeous, btw...