Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stepped running stitch on WOW block.

As I said yesterday I love whipped and wrapped stitches and this is going to be one of my favourites. Tried it on my wow block but it was way too big for my liking, it is not out of place on my block as it is a reasonable size but I do tend to like more delicate dainty things. So I decided to go with it and add a few bits drop beads, an other of my all time favourites. They were to big to add in each space so I added them every second one with rice and little pearls also. I also wanted to add some art glitter on the running stitches. In hindsight!!!! don't you wish hindsight was really foresight? guess we would all be so wise we would be boring, HUH? As I was saying with the benefit of hindsight the glue and glitter should have been added before the beads. And as you can also see the glitter is all over the place instead of just on the glue. I will brush the bulk of it away shortly once the glue is dry. Whether it will still show up on the stitches is an other matter. I love all that glitters, just a little magpie really. Do any of you use glitter in your work. Would love to hear or see about it if you do. Anyway all in all it looks ok.


Jo in NZ said...

This looks so elegant Judith. It has turned out really well.

kay susan said...

Nice work.