Monday, November 27, 2006

Before I forget again, thank you all for stopping by and leavings comments about my precious boy. Thanks

Now back to what is creativity? Sharon has started something really intersting and I have been trying to ponder on it all when I get a chance. Her 5 objectives are all ones that speak to me. I have never seen myself as a creative person, I can make things with my hands but lay a blank something down in front of my me and my mind is the same... blank. I tend to get very frustrated and have not really come to grips with it yet for myself. Are we born that way, is it a gift, is it learned? I don't know, please enlighten me if you can.
I am on the last third of my life and want to spend that time productively.
What do I know about myself, well I have discovered I am lazy, especially since starting this course. I have my own space to do things but I always bring what I am working on into our tiny lounge so that I can watch TV at the same time, also at the same time creating a mess. As I said the lounge is tiny. Since losing Callum I need to keep my brain occupied all the time. So I tend to read a lot now, esp as I work in a library. I nearly always make things for others, very rarely myself. And I am starting to wonder if that maybe stiffles the creativety, as you always want to get that right, no mistakes, perfect etc etc. I hate making mistakes, although I now know its how I learn. I want everything to be perfect first time. Doing my sampler for the course I have spent more time unpicking that doing actual productive stitching, why? it just doesn't look right.
I want so much to learn, anything and everything, the only trouble is my brain at the moment is not retaining too much. That has always been a problem with me but at this time of my life, hot flushes aside, I am forgetting things as quick as I read about them.
Thats enough negative, where do I go from here. The visual journal is essential. I did one year at art school a while back and we were marked on our journals. As I cannot drawI always had a struggle with them. But can see and do know how important they are. I am one who always thinks I don't have ideas but as Sharon has explained, we do have them but we fail to capture them. I has lunch with my friend today and as we parted a thought came into my head about how important she was to me and instantly there was an idea with that.Thankfully I had the sense to write it down as soon as I got back to my office.
Discipline is an other big key for me, I waver from being extremely disiplined to being the exact opposite, consistensly is important for me.
Using my own space instead of just storing my stuff there.
I have still much to think on if I want to making lasting changes in my life. I like Rissa' comments too
Is it all a hobby or am I an artist, phew big word!!!!!
On that note I will leave it for today.
I spent the weekend making soap so I am off to check on how it is doing and will post a photo of some of it.

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Rissa said...

It really is an interesting topic. ;-) The more closely I examine it, the more I realize that I am happy with the way things currently are. LOL