Sunday, November 26, 2006

Any one who hasn't read Sharons post this morning
needs to pop over there with a cup of coffee and spend some time.
I was in two minds about signing up for the class just because of its proximity to Christmas and all the things that go with that, making gifts, functions just to name two. But I couldn't bare to miss out on the opportunity, after all I did the first one and learnt so much. Also the class was bursting at the seams with content and I knew this one would be the same. As it is of course and such a valuable resource that you know you will be going back to it again and again.
The frustrations set in though as you want to get into it and when you see the work that others are doing and achieving, I for one tend to get a bit down on myself. After reading Sharon's post I have realised that others are in the same boat, life gets in the way, and this lead onto priorites.
Of which I have been thinking a lot of lately, as I am going to be studying next year, working fulltime, doing a bible study, hope to be able to catch up on wisps, stitch of course, oh and cook clean etc. So obviously priorities are going to be important to me. Sharon has 5 priorities.

1 How the process is prioritised,2 Allocating regular time,3 Making a space for you,4 The habit of regular work5 Catching your good ideas when they come by using a visula journal.

Lots to think on and I am going to have to leave it there for today. Do read Sharon's blog she has invited us to comment. I am a lot more to think about and want to get an action plan formulated, but have to go for the moment

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Sharon said...

ks for pointing o my site and I am pleased you enjoyed the post - it sounds as if you have your hands full next year - hope you will find time to blog and keep in contact