Monday, November 06, 2006

Sharons Class over at

I have decided to do my samplers in a format that I can make into a cloth book. This is the start of my borders. Left hand side is just plain old stem stich that is whipped, not that you can see that, but thats what it is. Done in a pink crochet cotton and whipped with fine fool, me thinks its appletons but not sure as it hasn't got any label on it!!!!. The top is guilloche stitch. Which has 2 pink pearl cottons the french knot in the middle is fine wool as is the green straight stitches.

I have decided to stick with pinks and greens as I have the most variety of threads etc in these two colours. The fabric looks like aida and it has that weave, but it is soft and I have no idea what it is or what I bought it for. Don't know what the count is either, and these old eyes will go cross eyed trying to count it so I will leave that. It is much smaller than 14 though.

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