Sunday, December 23, 2007

Some of the goodies I usually bake or make at Christmas. The top ones are a Vienesse almond/vanilla shortbread type biscuit, the next is what is called Taiblet in Scotland but Russian fudge in New Zealand. Then there are 3 other fudges. I usually only ever make fudge at Christmas these days and even then, I sometimes don't get around to it.
I loved looking at the picture of Pat's caramel turtles. Also fascinating to see what traditional things that other do at Christmas.


Samzbob 2007 said...

Had some shortbread today that was made in scotland, so the box claims, sure it was out of a box but it was the best i had in ages!

You know what i miss since i moved to Wellington in terms of food, how about Sticky date pudding with the yum sauce, admittedly i didnt and still dont like dates with the exception of your dessert, probably because the sweet sauce maybe takes away the part of the taste in them i dont like lol.
Will have to have some again sometime ;)

Anyways a Merry Christmas to you and the family, was gonna send a txt, but everyone sends txts on Christmas, and its not as individualised (or is the word personalised haha) as a (not sure what this website is even called to be honest) comment!
(Txts are usually sent out to groups of contacts anyways)

Wishing you guys a happy xmas and safe new year

Jules said...

OMG, I can smell them from here! How delightful :-)

Rissa said...

Good thing I don't like nearby! It looks decadent!