Thursday, December 06, 2007

My log cabinish cushions. They are not finished yet, so much going on at the moment. I stumbled across these through sew mama sew again when visiting one of the blogs mentioned there, infact the one where I got the bag tutorial.
she had made a couple and she got the idea from
I had to go and have a look in what little information I have at home on quilting and read it is best to have a dark side and a light side. I sort of got it. But the fabrics speak for themselves, they are "Lonni Rossi" from 2005, my Darling sons bought them for me, after a little gentle and not so gentle hints as I have been in love with them since reading an article about her in Quilting Arts 2005. Hopefully once I am organised for the Cgristmas holidays I will be able to get them finished.


katelnorth said...

Those are great. I looked at a lot of the stuff on sew mama sew in November, but didn't manage to make anything (from there). It was just one of those months. Still, a great resource for future... And I do love those not-quite log cabin blocks.

Judy Morphis said...

You have been busy! I love it. I've never tried a log cabin pattern.