Thursday, April 09, 2009

Last class sample

This is my favourite, everyone is doing the same collage with the images that Gail provides. She makes it so easy - that is until you go to go and try to do one yourself and then you realise that experts do make it look easy. Quite different when you are not following instructions. However that said it is not putting me off. The possibilities are endless, Oh what you couldn't do with more hours in your day and boundless energy - ah well!!!
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Doreen G said...

This is so beautiful Judith a far step from SRE but it shows that you are developing as an artist---Ilove it.

Stephanie said...

Judith these are so wonderful! What are you going to do with them?

Judy Morphis said...

What fun and lovely. One of these days, I just might try a collage.

Pat Winter said...

You are a whiz at digital collage. Very beautiful. Love your purses too. You have been a busy bee.

Jules said...

Judith - just was thinking of you and thought I would pop in. See you must be busy elsewhere. Do keep in touch and lmk how you are doing.
Much love,