Monday, October 09, 2006

I HAVE TO APOLOGISE TO PAT, Pat I am so sorry for calling you Pat Winer. You are not a winer Dear Friend, far from it. I checked the post before sending it but obviously not well enough. All credit to Pat, even after calling her !!!!!!! and telling my deepest darkest secret she is still calling me a lady. How is that for a friend? You are the bestest Pat.
I am also racking my brains to think of 4 more weird things. Even asked DH and my eldest son and still haven't come up with any. What a boring old so and so I am, not giving up just yet, the weirdness is there, honest, and when I get my menopausal memory back I will be able to enlighten.

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pat winter said...

Lady Judith, I was teasing you, and actually, some days I can be a winer. I hope the pkg has arrived. I hate how mail seems to take months instead of days sometimes. Let me know if it hasn't. :-)