Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Dear Friend Pat Winer has tagged me, as everyone can see I have not been here in a long while but have been thinking everyday of returning. So thank you for that , and thanks also for calling me a lady, me a lady!!!!! I don't think so, just ask my kids, they would tell you a few home truths. But really Pat I am so flattered that I am sitting here smiling, almost!!!!!! I said almost, believing I might be a lady, well I know I am female so that is a start.
I can't think of 5 things at the moment but I will tell you the worst as it comes to mind without any bidding. Sorry, this is not nice so you may want to start reading an other blog at this stage.
Here goes,
as I am getting older and things don't work as well on the inside I get flatulence. It is most disturbing as it comes out at the most inopportune moment. Like the other day I was talking to one of my eldest sons friends who I hadn't seen for a long while and I sneezed and out it popped. Pat talks abouth going red when she was little. I have always done that too and was a red beakon at that moment. There nothing else can shock like that. As for the others I will think on those as I have to go work now.
Just popped in a photo of a the WOW round robin that I am in and is just finishing.
So nice to be back on deck

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pat winter said...

Judith, you are funny. I love your "weird" trait? Well, you know, I don't "love" that, but that you were honest, and that has made me smile. Humor is good. Also, am I really a "winer"? You wrote "Pat Winer".I mean, I complain once in a while,but doesn't everyone? LOL,just kidding. Yes, you are a lady, and a very special one to me.