Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is for my 2nd class with Susan sorrell also at and I am equally excited about this too. It is very different for me and once again it has a pink theme. My son Callum was called "Pink" by his mates. This, at this stage is meant to be a broken heart and the bit at the top is supposed to be the word pink, not that you can see that at the moment. I want to have some text at the right hand side and beyond that I am not sure. Not that you would believe by these two pieces but I am not and have never been a pink person, but me thinks I am getting to like the colour.


Plays with Needles said...

I am in the Joggles CQ class with you and have been very touched by your story. My name is Susan and I am currently stitchin a very "pink" block -- similar to your second one. My favorite color is also pink. I have quite a stash and would love to send you a "goodie" bag if you could tell me what types of things you "wished" you had since I have been collecting "pink" things for years and you're just starting. Your son sounds like he was spirited and independent - two traits which I love.

I also love your idea for your other class. Is that class the symbolism class with Susan Sorrell? (I think I got that right?) I"m kicking myself for not taking it but I had never done a class like this before. Now I love it and I"m having regrets about the other.

YOur work is lovely and I look forward to seeing how things progress. Feel free to send me an email to answer.


Judith said...

Hi Susan, for some reason I cannot get your blog and don't know your email address so I cannot answer you. The other class I am doing is fabric collage. If you read this send me your email address so that I can write you. Would love to see what you are doing also.

samzbob said...

me likes this one, i was just scrolling through and this one catched my eye, i can make out the word pink, i like the green and gold background, thats awesome!