Monday, October 24, 2005

For a while I have wanted to make a small quilt/wallhanging in coffees, creams, golds and browns. With lots of lace. Thinking along the lines of arsenic and old lace for a title, obviously the arsenic bit it no good. So I aksed my DH last night for a name and Cafe Au Lace just rolled off his tongue. without much thought either!!!!. I love it. Made the first block yesterday, the brown is very dark and dominates and overpowers this block. Could just be the way I have pieced it which isn't great but I have decided to go with it. Tend to be one of those people that if its not right the first time then i tend to chuck it away and never get it done. BUT, it is time to change. There are supposedly no rules in CQ and I want to learn to go with the flow and not get so hung up on it being right/perfect! What is perfect anyway? I am sure I don't know.
An other thing I have learned recently is that I never allow myself to play. Mistakes reinforce all sorts of negative things in my life. Being 51 it is time for change. I am now allowing myself to play (just a little) and make mistakes. No lets say this properly, just allow myself to play, hang the outcome!! That is why I have decided to leave this block the way it is.
An other thing I discoved last night is that a blank canvas/ block stumps me! Looks to me like I look for any excuse to stop myself from doing anything.
So as I said before, time for change. This is some of my reasoning for starting a blog. Expressing myself with words is something I find difficult. Infact there are a lot of things I find difficult and I want to change.
I am looking to this blog to help/enable me to see where I want to change and to get on with the process. Karen South's blog is encouraging to me. She is using it to help her keep on track. Loved the posts about getting her studio organised and keeping it that way. Anyway she got me to thinking about blogs and here we are. So this is really going to be me rambling, learning and changing. I would love any of you to ramble, change etc with me.


Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Judith,
Welcome to blogging, I have only just started also, we will be learning together.

Jacqui said...

I've been blogging for a few months so still lots to learn. I find it a very useful way to stand back from my sewing ans see the big picture. Posting photos of my work on the blog is a really useful exercise for me and I am able to see things I don't see when I look at the real thing there in my hand. looking forward to reading more of your journey :)

Chloe said...

I lurve coffee. And this looks nice as well. :)