Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am gathering lots of samples. Things like cloth/paper, lutradur and lace, embellished backgrounds etc. So I decided I needed somewhere to keep them rather than shoving them in a drawer and never seeing them again.
The outside is cloth/paper using calico, watered down PVA, strips of handmade paper, paint and tissue paper. I ripped the various handmade papers, laying them onto the pva on the calico. Then added some paints inbetween, more pva, large sheet of crumpled tissue, finishing off with more paint. The inside is black felt with various fibres embellished into it the the embellisher machine. I then fused the two surfaces together, stitched around the outside and have a simple folio/cover to keep the samples in one place. It isn't very photogenic and for once actually looks nicer in real life then in the photo. May be the metallic and interference paints playing with the lense somehow.

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sparkle jars said...

I just found your blog and have enjoyed seeing your beautiful work. :-)