Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finshed hospital block.
Well it is finished and about to wing its way to America. I realy don't know why the lovely purples come out blue in my photographs. There must be away to fix it but I don't know what it is.
I have really enjoyed working on this block and am sort of pleased with it but!!!!!! There is always a but!. isn't there? So I won't be negative. My friends on the group say it is nice, all that remains is for me to believe them and be happy with it.
The academic year has started and with it my library studies which I am enjoying greatly. It is taking a lot of time being that I am a slow learner or rather have not been doing any serious study for a very long time. It is worth it though and I am pleased that the year has started.
Now that my block is finished it is time to get back to Tast and those Ufo's.


Jo in NZ said...

"Nice", Judith!! It's downright beautiful ! Your SRE is stunning and I really like the way the herringbone travels thru the three patches and frames the SRE at the bottom.
It is more than nice...
ps I have a certain pink ribbon that always looks purple in pics, it is hard to fix without messing with the other colours.

Lin Moon said...

This is so beautiful! It's amazing the effect of beading that white center motif with the cream colored beads. When I scrolled down to see an earlier version of the block that lace was sooo white. Now it fits in so perfectly! You are so creative!

Virgi said...

I agree with your friends in the group! IT IS BEAUTIFUL.