Monday, January 15, 2007

An other coffee cuff, this time I used some of the cloth paper I made, also via Quilting Arts magazine. An article by Beryl Taylor, its a mix of paper glued onto muslin/calico with a result that you can stitch into your favourite papers. I have a lots of handmade papers which I absolutely love and have wanted to use them somehow.
I do like the result.

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Erin said...

Hi Judtih,
I happened upon your blog while Googling "handmade coffee cuffs." I think you and I read the same magazine article. ;) And I think we feel the same way about coffee. I love it. And I loved the idea of these coffee cuffs.

Yours were so fun to look at- thanks for posting them. I've done a few myself and given them away to friends. They've been a hit every time.

I'm not a quilter or a fiber artist, but I really enjoy dabbling, so your blog was quite fun to peruse. Thanks!